How to Choose the Best White Chocolate

When you are buying white chocolate, you might experience an overwhelming task finding the best brand. This is because not all chocolates are the same. The creaminess, sweetness and the smoothness of the white chocolates are different though they are manufactured perfectly. However, all the types of white chocolates are made from the rainforest cocoa butter, combined with perfect flavors to come up with different brands. If you want to pick the best white chocolate, you need to discover and understand the best tips to guide you. The following are a simple guide on how to buy the best type of white chocolate.


cocoaAvoid Chocolates with Emulsifiers

When manufacturers are turning the cocoa butter into white chocolates, they only use the three ingredients, which include the sweetener, cocoa butter, and the cocoa powder. However, some manufacturers use some extra ingredients that can be harmful to your body or has no purpose at all. The common ingredients are the emulsifier, and this is just added to processed foods including the white chocolate to make it creamy and smooth. Emulsifiers have been proved to contain harmful components that keep bacteria in your throat. The emulsifiers also create a problem to the immune system, and they can be a powerful initiator of inflammation leading to a worse disease. You have to read the ingredients of the white chocolate before you buy it from the store.

Avoid White Chocolates Processed with Alkali

The process of processing foods with alkali is called the Dutch process. This process is meant to keep the white chocolate and other foods to become very smooth and mellower flavor. As much as you need a healthy living, you must ensure that the chocolate has not undergone this process, it gradually degrades your health as you consume the alkali-processed chocolate. As the chocolate undergoes the Dutch process, it degrades important components called polyphenol. The polyphenol usually benefits the body ranging from healthier vascular functioning, increased athletic performance to the best cognitive performance.

85% of the Cocoa Content of More

When you are buying the white chocolate from the store, you must go through the ingredients. Ensure that the chocolate has 85% of cocoa or higher. When chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa, it has less sugar. This is better for your health if you are a potential consumer. Taking white chocolates with less than 85% cocoa will lead to more calories in your body. Ensure you stick to chocolates with a higher percentage of cocoa for the sake of staying a healthy life.


white chocoAvoid Lead and Cadmium Contaminations

Lead and cadmium are traced in most brands of white chocolates. They are harmful substances with multiple long-term defects to the body. There are some reported cases of chocolates with a higher than the accepted amount of lead and cadmium. When you are exposed to lead, you will develop neurological impairments, and your brain will have critical growth stages. The cadmium is worse for the kidney bones and the liver. It also has effects to lead to impaired development of the neurobehavioral.