yellow-black silicone pipe

Why Silicon Hand Pipes are Popular

You may have realized that silicone accessories have become more popular than glass today. This is because they do not easily break, something that everybody is excited about. Whereas non-glass gear is reminiscent of the most favorite pipes and bongs from back in the days, the silicone polymer used to make these accessories comes with a lot of advantages. The following are some of the benefits of silicone pipe and bongs.

You can Take them Anywhere

man smoking with silicone pipeBecause of their flexibility, it is possible to stash away silicone bongs and pipes without worrying. These items can also bend easily to fit in odd-shaped spaces. Their durability implies that you do not need to worry about breakages, cracks or shattered glass getting in your bag. You can go with your silicone pipe or bong anywhere from music festivals to camping trips. They are also heat resistant which makes it easy to fold, bend and stuff into a bag without breaking. They are also light in weight making it easy to carry them around.

Easy Maintenance

Anything can be easy to clean if you know how to do it and this is true even with silicone bongs and pipes. These accessories are very easy to clean and there is no risk of any accidental breakages from some pipe cleaning or overenthusiastic shaking. This is because they are flexible so you can bend them to ensure they are well- cleaned. You, however, need to know how to clean the pipes properly to keep them in good condition.


white silicone pipe

Silicone bongs and pipes usually have dope colors which you can easily customize for your aesthetics purposes. ThisĀ is one reason why they are popular. Most people choose colors of their choices and have the pipes and bongs customized according to their personal preferences.


Very few things can match a beautiful, good old-fashioned glass. But silicone is a very affordable there is no reason why you cannot have silicone pipes and bongs as they are not as expensive as glass. These silicone accessories are mass produced hence the price is less than that of custom glass bongs. You can get accessories for less than forty dollars.


The silicone hand pipes and bongs are popular for smoking today because of these benefits. You can invest in these accessories to enhance your smoking experience. They come at a reasonable price and are strong meaning you can use one equipment for long and forget about investing in another bong or pipe.