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Cool Books
For Science Fair Projects
Ruth & Paul Recommend

  See below for books recommended by Paul and Ruth! These may be available at your local library. Otherwise the links to Amazon are included.

The New Way Things Work
by David Macaulay

Recommended for ages 8+.

If you haven't 'discovered' this book yet - you're in for a treat! This is a wonderful book for budding engineers and architects! Paul (Jr) found this book in his school library and was so enthralled with it that we bought a copy for him to keep.

The book has awesome graphics and explains in great detail how things work. Examples include a gasoline engine, a refrigerator, a can opener, a clock, etc. This is a great book for people with curious minds, no matter what your age.

Click here to see Amazon's page about this book.



Flight (Make it Work! Science)

Recommended for ages 6+.

Another one of Paul's favorites! This book is full of projects. You can pick it up and use the colorful illustrations as guidance to immediately start building things that fly.

Click here to see Amazon's page about this book.

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