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Science Fair Projects
Girder and Panel®
Bridge and Turnpike™


Which is the Strongest Structure for a Bridge?
Bridge & Turnpike building set.


Materials Needed:

2    Base (2x2) 8    Signs
38    Columns     String
63    Beams     Weights
10    Road Pieces   Ruler
48    Stubs   Scale
32    Crossbraces      


Bridges are needed to cross railroad tracks, rivers and highways. They are an important part of the transportation infrastructure of any country. Bridges must be strong enough for trains that pull heavy cargo cars. This project tests the strength of three different bridge structures. The three bridge types investigated include the plank bridge, truss bridge, and suspension bridge. The bridges are fun to build and test.

Read Paul's report:

Science Fair Project  Report

How to Set Up Experiment:

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Science Fair Project Board


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