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Hydrodynamic Building Set

Do you remember these Girder and Panel building sets from your youth?  These building sets were very popular in the 1960's. Build skyscrapers, bridges, and roadways - children of all ages will have hours of enjoyment using their imagination!

Girder and Panel was inspired by a building in Cincinati, Ohio, and in 1957 the first Girder and Panel set became available from Kenner Products.  Most adults who played with these building sets as children have fond memories of building little cities by integrating the Girder and Panel, Bridge and Turnpike, and Hydrodynamic sets into one layout.   The vintage sets are still in demand by Girder and Panel collectors and enthusiasts.

Bridge Street Toys offers a variety of building sets under the Girder and Panel brand. Our new sets are compatible with the vintage sets.  So if you still have some old ones tucked away in your attic or basement, you can now replace the broken pieces with new ones and combine the old and the new to make some awesome cities!   Bridge Street Toys offers spare parts for your vintage Girder and Panel building sets along with other accessories and gifts.


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